providing benefits for customers is one of the most important targets of this company. To achieve this goal,Yekta Andish Sazeh company has been applying modern machinery, skilled staff in all the production procedure,Logestic support of production process,carring comprehensive and thorough inspections out in different stages of production . the only way to keep customer benefits and appreciation of customer confidence is to present final product in the best quality and assurance .paying attention to quality capacity and also the major areas of activity, Yekta Andish Sazeh corporation's customers are as below:
Engineering,procurement,construction(EPC) projects contractors:
These contractors receive benefits from comprehensive and thorough designing,construction,and erection of their steel structures projects.In addition, designing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, engineering services, and procurement of project are in the working scoop of Yekta Andish Sazeh Company .

  • پتروشیمی مارون
  • پتروشیمی باختر
  • مس ایران
  • صنایع پتروشیمی
  • فرا تحقیق سپاهان
  • معدنی و صنعتی گل گهر
  • برسو
  • کولر هوایی آبان
  • معدنی و صنعتی چادر ملو
  • آهن و فولاد ارفع
  • پارس پلیمر
  • سیمان سپاهان
  • پامیدکو
  • پالایشگاه اصفهان
  • پتروشیمی کاویان
  • سرمایه گذاری مس سرچشمه
  • توسعه شبکه هاي صنعتي
  • انرژي گستر نصير
  • توسعه شبکه هاي صنعتي
  • شرکت ملی حفاری ایران
  • یلطیبلطذف