Project DescriptionEmployerKind of contractOperation place

Project name

Manufacturing and erection of 7200 tons( steel structure)Kavian petrochemicalPCKavian petrochemicalSteel structures of kavian petrochemical
Manufacturing of 1200 tons steel structureMahabad-mahabad petrochemical comlexPCNargan companyMahabad petrochemical
Manufacturing of 1200 tons steel structureLorestan-lorestan petrochemical complexPCNargan companyLorestan petrochemical
Manufacturing of 4200 tons steel structureAssaluyeh-south pars(phase 12th)PC

IIND company

Structures of south pars (phase 12th)
Manufacturing and erection of reformer furnace structure,material handling (4200 tons)Isfahan-mobarakeh steel co.PC (NICC)Steel structuresof direct reduction sector in saba steel
Manufacturing and erection of reformer furnace structure,pipe rack          (9000 tons)Kerman-Goldohar miningPCMMTE)(Steel structures of mega-modulus in direct reduction sector in Gol Gohar
Manufacturing and erection of steelmaking in development plan           (2900 tons)Isfahan-,obarakeh steel complex-saba steelPCSteel safa co.Melting and steelmaking hall
Manufacturing and erection of structures and equipment at cement company                 ( 2000 tons)Isfahan-sepahan cement co.PCSepahan cement companyConstruction of structures and equipment in sepahan cement
Manufacturing of steel structures (4500 tons)Isfahan-Isfahan refineryPCSepanir co.Steel structures of development plan in Isfahan refinery
Manufacturing and erection of steel structures             (1500 tons)Assaluyeh-south pars-Gas Fields of phase 13thPCSepco companySteel structures of south pars          (phase 13th)
Manufacturing of steel structures (350 tons)Qum-serajeh station of Gas Injection PCPayandan co.Steel structures of gas station in serajeh
Manufacturing of a variety  steel structures (400 tons)Kerman-Golgohar second pelletizing PCKayson co.Structures and conveyors of second pelletizing in Gol Gohar
Manufacturing of steel structures (7000 tons)and erection of structures and salon protection(14000 tons)Kerman-jahan steel complex in sirjanPC (MMTE)Steelmaking hall of  jahan steel complex in sirjan
Manufacturing  and erection of steel structures and reformer pannel (1000 tons)Kerman-jahan steel complex in sirjanPC (MMTE)Structure of reformer in direct reduction sector at sirjan jahan steel
Manufacturing  and erection of steel structures of reformer furnace in direct reduction sector(1500 tons)Yazd-Ardakan steel complexPCTAM IRAN KHODRO Co.Furnace and reformer structure of direct reduction at Ardakan steel
Manufacturing and erection  of steel structures  and protection of storage salon(1000 tons)Kerman-sarcheshmeh copper miningPC  (NIPEC)Sarcheshmeh copper consenter storage
Manufacturing of steel rolling hall structures (4500 tons)Chaharmahal Bakhtiari- chaharmahal Bakhtiari steel complexPC(NICC)Cold rolling and galvanizing hall of shahrekord steel co.